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38 years
38 years

Of market expertise


Clients in our portfolio

1 billion+
1 billion+

Reais globally shipped in goods

Full services package for your company.

Customs brokerage

Customs brokerage
Dedicated service through account managers
Critical analysis of the process, providing innovation
and costs reduction
Managing reports

Documents and foreign exchange consulting

Quotes and foreign exchange
Customs and Central Bank pendencies regularization
Financial Transactions Reporting - ROF
Certificates and documents issuance
Foreing capital reporting

International freight and logistics

Air and Ocean Freight Services
Competitive rates
Logistics projects and door to door services
Global reach over the five continents


Drawback management
Data monitoring for authorities
Managing reports

Our locations

Rua Antônio Rabelo, 222 s/61 - Jd. Aliança, Guarulhos - São Paulo (Brazil) 07063-080
(11) 2463-6655

Rua Tapes, 195 - Ideal, Novo Hamburgo - Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), 93336-020
(51) 3036-7200

R. Zalony, 193/201 Centro, Rio Grande - Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), 96200-070
(53) 3035-7200

Agile quality service focused in great communication and delivery.


Companies that trust Ocean Express:

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We are an official agent of HTFN Global Logistics Partner


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Frequent Asked Questions

Does Ocean Express work on the entire process?

ícone faq ocean express

Ocean Express collaborates with the entire export and import process, except for the commercial and customer relationship part.

Why should I transfer my processes to Ocean?

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Market experience, special service, agility and security.
In addition to all the services we provide, we work with a differentiated attention to our customers, where we also collaborate pointing out improvements in processes and costs within your company.

What kind of company does Ocean work with?

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Any and every company that already carries out or plans to carry out the export and import process.

Will I get a special service?

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Yes, all our customers have an account manager to provide a special and personalized service.

Does Ocean get clients from all over the world?

ícone faq ocean express

Yes, we get clients from all over the world in person or remotely.

To which countries does Ocean export?

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Ocean Express work with a global coverage.

How do I schedule a meeting?

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You can contact us directly on the Whatsapp link in the right corner of the screen, call +55513036-7200 or send an email to comercial@oceanexpress.com.br.

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